Britons on vacation in France will not need to be quarantined on their return to the UK


The British will not need to be quarantined if they go on vacation to France.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said all travelers entering the UK would be quarantined for 14 days to prevent re-infection of the stranger during his speech to the nation tonight.

But Downing Street later released a statement saying that Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron had agreed that quarantine measures would not apply between France and the United Kingdom “at this stage,” said a joint statement. .

French President Emmanuel Macron has agreed with Boris Johnson that the quarantine rules would not apply to France

Downing Street released the statement after the two men spoke on Sunday.

“Leaders have spoken of the need to manage the risk of new transmissions from abroad, as coronavirus rates are declining nationwide,” said the report.

“In this regard, the Prime Minister and the President have agreed to work together to advance appropriate border measures. This cooperation is particularly necessary for the management of our common border.

“No quarantine measures would apply to travelers from France at this stage; all measures on both sides would be taken in a concerted and reciprocal manner.

“A working group between the two governments will be set up to ensure this consultation in the coming weeks. “

In his speech, Johnson said he would soon implement the measure to prevent reinfection of the stranger.

“I note that it will soon be time – with much lower transmission – to impose quarantine on people entering this country by air,” he said.

We did not specify this evening how long it could last, because the Prime Minister did not respect a precise timetable.

But according to government sources, the quarantine will last 14 days.

Some people have criticized the government for not imposing the measure sooner, while other countries like Australia, New Zealand and Singapore have already introduced similar measures.

However, Mr. Johnson says it is only now that it will be effective.

He explained: “It is thanks to your efforts to reduce R and the number of infections here that this measure will now be effective. “

The PM should give more details on this measure in the coming days.

The quarantine measure is one of a set of new rules designed to help prevent a second deadly wave of coronavirus infections as the lockout restrictions are gradually relaxed.


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