Britney Spears Releases Powerful Bangs Statement


Britney and her bangs.
Photo: @ britneyspears / Instagram

Pop icon and accidental arsonist at home gym Britney Spears posted a photo of her wearing a puka collar on Instagram on Tuesday. The photo was accompanied by a long legend that was not about the necklace – although I would like to know more (are the puka back?) – but about her bangs and the complicated role they played in she life.

“I know I need bangs,” said Spears. She explained that she first developed her bangs in the third year after going to a modeling agency and that she was told that she was not pretty enough. Spears said it was “a big deal” to expose her forehead, and that “only the pretty people in the south” could do it, and that she felt like an “ugly duckling”. To look more like older girls, she got rid of her bangs, a decision she said made her “so bad” but thought she would make her look gorgeous. She said she has been pretty much cut since then, but now she sees that the bangs make her look younger and feel protected.


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