British Coronavirus Live: Scientist Warns Johnson that Cummings Support “Fatally Undermined” Covid-19 Response | News from the world


My mom passed away a few weeks ago after an incredibly courageous last battle with brain cancer. She has been and will always be an inspiration to all of us for the way she faced death head on, with humor and tons and tons of love.

When the lockdown started, we knew we couldn’t see mom unless she was in her last hours. We knew we would be losing most of those precious last days. Incredibly painful because it was my family would never put palliative care staff or patients at unnecessary risk. We all spent many hours feeling so sad and hopeless, but we took it in the chin. Many of my friends, parents who had Covid-19, but continued not only to care for their children, but also to work in many cases.

Hear the rambling out of the cabinet and # 10 is annoying. Our family is in mourning after having to say goodbye to him in the most unsatisfactory circumstances. It is beyond an insult to families like mine that supposedly serious politicians should seek to justify for even a second. It is incredibly obvious that Cummings should do if he has an ounce of decency.


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