British Coronavirus Live: Conservative MPs Ask Dominic Cummings To Leave | News from the world


Despite eight weeks to get their story, the apologies just aren’t credible and don’t add up.

A growing rebellion of Conservative MPs joined calls to Dominic Cummings. They understand the lasting damage it does to public confidence in the Conservative government and its Covid-19 response.

The longer Mr. Cummings stays in office, the more he will compromise the credibility of the Conservative government and the more people will question the Prime Minister’s judgment.

The SNP will continue to press for a Cabinet Office investigation into the rule violation and concealment of Downing Street, which has left the public in the dark for so long.

The poll shows that the majority of the public thinks that Mr. Cummings should go. Boris Johnson must come out of his hiding place and show Mr. Cummings the door.


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