Britain was the biggest country in Europe before the coronavirus crisis


Public Health England has launched a review to examine how obesity, as well as gender and ethnicity, can affect health outcomes. Evidence has always shown that men are much more at risk for Covid-19, with statistics suggesting that they are twice as likely to die from it.

In this country, men aged 45 to 64 – Mr. Johnson’s age group – are the most likely to be obese, with 36% of them being that way, which puts them at odds.

Overall, 29% of adults of all ages are obese, compared to an average of 19.5 in the last international audit by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

An analysis in 2017 found that the UK is the fattest country in Western Europe, with obesity rates twice as high as in countries like Sweden and Norway.

As regards the management of the coronavirus by Great Britain, comparisons are often made with Germany.

The two countries locked out on March 23 – but the death toll in Britain is now over 36,000 – more than four times the 8,320 seen in Germany.

The differences between the approaches of the two countries are significant. Germany was taken into custody with only 86 deaths recorded, compared to 359 in the United Kingdom. He also undertook mass tests, performing 50,000 tests a day when Britain could not manage this weekly.

But there are also notable differences in the health of the respective populations, with the latest records showing obesity rates below 24% in Germany, compared to 29% in that country.


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