Britain Got Talent judges impressed by blind 14-year-old British Pakistani singer


LONDON: 14-year-old British Pakistani singer Sirine Jahangir made millions cry and won four judges’ yeses as she displayed her unique voice on Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday night and shared with the audience and judges how she had completely lost sight of both eyes for four years but never gave up on life and her passion for music.

The four British judges Got Talent (BGT), Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams, unanimously said yes to Sirine.

Appearing on stage, she told the judges, “It is pretty obvious that I cannot see. There was a time when I could but now I can’t. Music is my vision. It’s my thing. “

Sirine then played the piano and sang “Salvation” by Gabrielle Aplin. As she sang through “You are the avalanche, a world further”, the audience and the judges were delighted to listen to her.

By the time the Sirine finished the song, most of the spectators, including two judges, were moved to tears.

The judges were particularly impressed because Sirine told them that she was only performing at school level and that BGT was a huge scene for her and something new.

Alesha Dixon said to her, “What a sweet girl you are. My heart is melted and you sang wonderfully. David Walliams told Sirine that she might not be able to see but that all the palladium was on their feet rooted for her. Tears in her eyes, Alesha Dixon told Sirine, “I found him so poignant. It was just great. You sang so well. “

Simon Cowell told Sirine, “I think I should be the first person to say yes. “

While dozens of talented acts have appeared in the series, some have received endorsements and others have not, but Sirine was the only performer in the series to have put the whole house at their feet by applauding her talent.

Sirine Jahnagir is the granddaughter of Sahibzada Jahangir, one of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s oldest friends and his spokesperson on trade and investment in the United Kingdom and Europe.

After the show, Sahibzada Jahangir spoke to The News and Geo and shared their joy and excitement.

Sahibzada Jahangir said, “Our joy cannot be expressed in words. Sirine has shown millions of people how unique she is. She is a confident, super talented and valued girl who wants to spread the message of good to the world. It has beaten the probabilities of positivity and its positivity has a large-scale impact as has been observed on BGT.

“After The News and Geo published their news of their participation in the contest, we received messages of support from thousands of Pakistanis who were proud of their achievements. The messages of support came from Pakistanis from all walks of life, from family and friends. “

Sahibzada Jahangir said that Sirine has worked very hard to play in front of millions of people. “She hopes to arrive at the next stages of the show. From an early age, she has been doing charity work and for the past four years, Sirine has made it a point to do charity work every week to help others. “

Sirine was born in 2005 in London. Until the age of five, she excelled in everything, including sports and dancing was her favorite pastime. Her family discovered at the age of 5 that she had completely lost sight in one eye and although the other eye was perfect, there was a risk that it would deteriorate.

Sirine lives with her parents Kafeel, 48, and Ghizlane, 40, in north London with her brothers Zayn, 13, and Aydin, six.

When Sirine went blind in one eye, her parents became very worried and did everything they could to cure her. They took her to India for six weeks where she received eye injections, but it didn’t work. When they realized that she could completely lose her sight in both eyes, they took her to all the places she wanted to see so that she could enjoy the beauty of the world before she lost her sight.

Sirine said she wanted to spread positivity around the world through the power of music. “If I’m successful in Britain’s Got Talent, it’s really not because I want to live the life of a celebrity. I do this because I hope to have a bigger platform to spread a positive message about blindness and because I honestly love to play the piano and sing. Music is my vision. “


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