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Indeed, while the United Kingdom left the EU on January 31, Guernsey officials temporarily suspended access to the island’s waters by French vessels. Although Guernsey is an autonomous dependency of the British crown, it is not part of the United Kingdom and has never been part of the EU. According to the French Ministry of Agriculture, the fate of French fishermen in Guernsey waters was governed by a treaty called the London Convention, which expired with Britain’s accession to the EU.

And Paris’s European Minister Amélie de Montchalin warned that French boats should be able to regain access to the waters.

She added, “We have a diplomatic agreement. We have received an official letter from Her Majesty (the Queen).

“We have a political agreement … Now we are implementing it.”

According to the president of the Regional Committee for Fisheries in Normandy, Dimitri Rogoff, about fifty Norman boats and more than 100 British are “more or less dependent” on Guernsey waters – a few hundred individuals in total, he had declared to the ‘time. .

He told France 24: “This is a bad start to the Brexit process because we had to tell the boats that they were working on January 30 and then left on January 31.

“Some of them still haven’t left because they don’t have a fishing area. But there seems to be a desire to get around this problem on both sides.

“We have sent a strong signal to Europe and to the French government that if, at the end of the year, it continues like this, it will be a real mess,” he said.

Fishing has become a central issue in trade negotiations, the EU27 supporting Michel Barnier’s plans to try to maintain access to British fishing grounds.

French President Macron has also pledged to “fight” for the fishermen of his country.

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Barnier and his colleagues demanded that the UK allow EU vessels to continue fishing in British waters if the country were to have access to European markets.

Speaking at an event in Brussels, Paulina Dejmek-Hack, director of the British task force at the European Commission, suggested that negotiations may stray from the original position of the bloc.

She said: “Our mandate is very clear … It starts from the current situation – the current state of affairs – we would like to keep that but, of course, it is very positive that we are in a constructive exchange with the United Kingdom . . ”


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