Brett Veach: Damien Williams to return as starting ball carrier


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The Chiefs used a first round pick against LSU Clyde Edwards-Helaire. But they still have Damien Williams on the list, and when the team meets later this year, Williams will stay at the top of the depth table, at least for now.

G.M. Brett Veach recently told #PFTPM that Williams will remain the starter, but that Williams and Edwards-Helaire will definitely be in the mix.

“I had the chance to speak with [Williams’] the agent and him by text, and I know that Coach Reid texted him just before the pick, then I think he has been following him recently in the past few days, “said Veach. “But I mean, look, these guys are all super competitive, and I think like any player in this league, when a team draws a player to your position, I don’t think they make backflips and high fives, and I think competitiveness comes out. But I think once these guys get into the building and once you get started, I think everyone gels as a cohesive unit, but our situation is certainly good for Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Damien Williams because these guys will be really good complementary actors with each other.

Neither guy should be the workhorse of the post, despite Edwards-Helaire’s pedigree.

“I certainly think it will be a shared burden,” said Veach. “Damien has been in this attack for a long time and has certainly shown what he can do in this playoff series. The guy is a very good password protector [and] can catch soccer. I mean, these two guys can run and catch and certainly Damien will come in as the starter and Clyde will have to come here and compete for playing time, which we think he will do. But I think it will be a punch. “

It may not be a punch for one for a long time. Explaining the decision to use a first-round pick on a position that can be filled in subsequent rounds of the project, Veach dubbed Edwards-Helaire “a backing franchise” and “a true playmaker”, and that the organization considers him “as someone special and unique. “

The Chiefs’ offense is special and unique, and if Edwards-Helaire is as good as the team believes, the offense will be even more special and unique. And even if the load is shared for the moment, Williams has a contract which runs until 2020; by next year, it could be the Edwards-Helaire show in Kansas City.


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