Brendan Rodgers Discusses Steven Gerrard Slip and Crystal Palace Part-Time Team Conversation


Brendan Rodgers insists that defeating Chelsea at Anfield in 2014 cost Liverpool their first Premier League title.

Rodgers lost to Jose Mourinho before their team squandered a three-goal advantage against Crystal Palace a week later to draw 3-3 to give Manchester City the prerogative.

City made the most of the lost points and lifted their second Premier League trophy, but the former Liverpool manager believes Chelsea made the difference.

“We entered this game on an 11-game winning streak,” said Rodgers.

“Confidence was high and for 70 minutes of this match, we played very well. We just couldn’t get there. It was not a question of pursuing him. It was the type of team we were. We were a front football team. We were aggressive, that was our strength.

“If you look at this season, it was the first time in the elite that Liverpool have scored more than 100 goals. So that’s what gave us the opportunity.

“It was a shame what happened with Steven [a slip allowed Demba Ba to score the opening goal] just before half time.

“And then, as the match continued from 70 minutes, we just needed a goal, we could have drawn the match, but of course with this anxiety, the team was very young and we didn’t couldn’t make the breakthrough. “

“The Crystal Palace match was, with all due respect, unimportant. The Chelsea match made the difference.

“When we entered the Palace match, we played well in the first half but I felt we were trying to go after the goals because now everything was going to be about the goal difference. I mentioned at halftime, we win this game, forget to run after goals, win the game.

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“Then very quickly in the second half, it lasted two draws then three draws, and you just felt that the momentum of the team was trying to reach the goals. We were really comfortable and played well, then the last 10 minutes were crazy.

“But it wasn’t the game that cost us, it was Chelsea’s home game. “


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