Brendan Loughnane supports Dominick Cruz to shine against “This little guy” Henry Cejudo


PFL featherweight Brendan Loughnane has spent countless fights with training partner Dominick Cruz, and despite many feelings as if Cruz’s championship shot came from the left field, the Englishman believes that Victory for Cruz is “written in the stars”.

Loughnane hailed Cruz as “inspiring” because of his ability to overcome injuries and based on his successful dethronement of TJ Dillashaw in 2016, he thinks the former bantamweight champion is more than capable of defeating Henry Cejudo May 9.

“What a story – this man was in hell and back,” Loughnane told MMA Fighting. Eurobash Podcast.

“He’s injured in both knees, in both hands – he literally made every bone and muscle in his body – it’s amazing. Come back after so many years and do Dillashaw as he did, which was unstoppable at the time, and now he’s about to come back and regain the belt – what a story! He’s an inspiring man, I’m proud to call him a friend and I can’t wait to watch him. ”

When reviewing the style match, Loughnane highlighted Cruz’s success story against shorter opponents as one of the main reasons he thinks the bantamweight legend will prevail in Jacksonville.

“I really think [it’s a good style matchup for Cruz]Explained Loughnane.

“If you look at ‘Mighty Mouse’ and all the other guys he fought against, they’re all short … Urijah Faber … Dom made a name for these shorter guys and fought them. And its style lends itself to it because it is long and varied in weight. I really think he will win this fight. I just think it’s written in the stars for him, honest with God. I have never met anyone like him, it is really written in the stars for him. ”

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