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The Queen suffered the loss of her younger sister, Princess Margaret, and the Queen Mother in quick succession in 2002. Faced with the prospect of organizing a funeral for her mother, Her Majesty was warned that public participation could be minimal due to his relationship with The British are still recovering from the death of Princess Diana almost five years earlier. Speaking to Channel 5 documentary “The Queen’s Speeches: In Triumph & Tragedy”, former spin doctor Alastair Campbell admitted that the government was concerned about the impact that past reactions would have on the last goodbye of the Queen Mother.

Mr. Campbell, who was part of the media team at number 10 when the Princess of Wales and the Queen Mother died, said, “I remember at one of my morning meetings, there was a discussion about how much we thought the public would engage in this. “

But despite public concerns over wanting to pay tribute to the Queen Mother, hundreds of people traveled to London to say goodbye to Westminster Hall.

Responding to the overwhelming response from the British public, the Queen delivered a rare message to the nation thanking everyone for the “love and respect” they had shown her late mother in life and in death.

Mr. Campbell continued, “She talked about things that were deeply personal, but in a way designed to reflect and relate to the fact that other people were experiencing these feelings at the time of death and mourning as well.

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“There are few things that affect people other than the loss of a mother. “

The special speech was delivered from Windsor Castle, considered one of Her Majesty’s favorite residences and the last home of the Queen Mother.

Royal commentator Emily Andrews noted that the location was in itself a tribute to the late Queen.

Andrews said: “It was filmed at Windsor Castle and the Queen Mom lived at the time at the Royal Lodge.

“In fact, in the background of the map to the left of the Queen is the long step that comes out of Windsor Castle. If you go straight down the long walk, you would have ended up with the Queen Mother. “

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Speaking of the Chinese dining room at Buckingham Palace the day after her return, the Queen was filmed seated in front of an open window overlooking the Victoria Memorial where thousands of people gathered to hear her speech.

Former Queen Dickie Arbiter press secretary said, “The idea behind doing it from the Chinese dining room was that it gave access to the atmosphere beyond the Palace walls.

“There was no separation between the monarch and the mourners. “

And royal commentator Katie Nicholl added, “For a monarch who had seemed distant and distant, and who had risked alienating her subjects, she kept them coming back.

“The speech was considered a defining moment in the Queen’s reign. Until then, we had never heard the Queen give such a moving and personal speech. “


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