‘Break the bank’ – Arsenal fans respond to transfer request from Jack Grealish


Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish should be a transfer target for Arsenal, according to former Gunners forward Kevin Campbell.

Grealish had a superb campaign for the Dean Smith team, scoring nine goals and adding eight assists.

Manchester United are known to prepare for a midfield move when the transfer window opens, but Campbell has told Arsenal to join the race.

“Arsenal need a versatile midfielder, Arsenal need someone in the midfield who not only can create, he can break the game, but he has legs, we miss him,” said Campbell at the Metro.

“We have been a solid backbone for years. We were talking about if we were to choose Jack Grealish or James Maddison, these types of guys would improve Arsenal.

“No disrespect for Mesut Ozil, but Ozil is on the wrong side of his career at Arsenal with a year left after his contract.

“But we need someone who’s going to be in there with legs, we need creativity, and someone who, when the game isn’t going particularly well, he can also get stuck and get stuck on your knees. “

“We are introduced by people like Sheffield United. Chris Wilder who did a fantastic job there, they don’t have the quality of Arsenal but they are above us in the league.

” Why? Because they have a system and they fight, grab and fight, and they also have a certain quality. If we can’t match these teams, we don’t deserve to be up there. ”

Arsenal fans agreed with the request, one of them saying, “Arsenal needs to break [the] bank for Jack Grealish. ”

“I fully support this one,” said another. I really hope this will happen. ”

“I don’t want Villa to go down, but if it means we have someone like Grealish …” added a third.

Another social media supporter pondered: “If Grealish knows what’s right for him, he will go to Arsenal instead of United.” “

“Grealish / Maddison and Ceballos are a must for our midfielder this summer,” said a fifth.


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