Boris Johnson unveils release strategy including reopening school after deaths reach 31,855 – The Sun


BORIS Johnson spoke to the nation tonight and revealed his intention to get the country back to work and play.

The Prime Minister detailed his “road map” out of the lockdown, including the reopening of schools and the relaxation of certain directives.

In his much-anticipated speech, he urged people to return to work if they cannot work from home.

The Prime Minister also revealed that the British would be allowed to sunbathe in the parks and practice some sports from Wednesday.

Certain day trips by car will also be accepted.

He said some schools will start going back in June – but only if the level of infection is low enough.

But mass rallies in pubs and clubs will no longer be in the news in the coming months.

Travelers traveling to Britain will now be required to remain in quarantine.

And a brand new alert system for tracking coronavirus cases will be introduced.

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