“Blue Bloods” recap: Season 10 finale, episode 19 – Family Addition


As I suspected: you don’t play Bonnie Somerville for any role.

the NYPD Blue alum returned to familiar territory by appearing in the (first) finale of season 10 of CBS ’ Blue blood like Paula Hill, a woman who had a special favor to ask Commissioner Frank Reagan – to transfer her son, a cop, to a less dangerous assignment. And why would Frank consider this request?

Because the FIU officer in question, Joe Hill (played by Will Hochman), is a grandson that Frank has never heard of. Because Joe Hill is the son of the late Joe Reagan.

Blue Bloods New ReaganRemember, the seed for this revelation had only been planted a few scenes before, when Sean shared with his grandfather that through a pedigree / school assignment site, he had been paired with a male cousin that nobody knows. Frank, as you can imagine, was a little overwhelmed by Paula’s revelation – he has another grandson, and one who is a cop to this! Frank’s feelings became even more pronounced after meeting the officer, while (barely) keeping their relationship a secret.

Frank shared the bomb with the rest of the family, everyone was equally impressed. They agreed that it would be great to meet this new parent at one of the famous family dinners. This plan came up against a problem when Frank told Paula that he would not follow up on his request because, among other reasons, there is no guarantee that a quieter posting will be safer. Rebuffed and upset, she said there would no longer be any connection between Joe, whom she had just cordoned off, and her new family.

But it turns out that the next family dinner made have a very special guest when Sean arrived with his new cousin in tow. Joe walked around the presentations, knew about some familiar teasing, and then sat down with everyone for what promises to be enough the discovery supper. But as with last year’s wedding last year…. you can only imagine what it looked like. (Nicky and Jack, maybe you can Skype with him one day?)

Elsewhere in the ersatz season finale:

* Eddie was a little (… or a lot) too attached to a newborn baby she and Jamie found outside the enclosure, left inside a duffel bag. And while it was incredibly bittersweet when they finally found the conflicting birth mother (who had been suspicious of the adoption service with which she had made a deal), things made seem to stop with Jamie and Eddie on the same page to make a baby they can call their own.

* Danny and Baez investigated the murder of a key witness in the prosecution of Eric against a local crime boss, ultimately revealing evidence that a thug had ordered the coup.

* Erin balked when Anthony wanted to use their resources for personal business, to do a background check on someone – although she eventually realized, realizing that Anthony is pretty much “family” to unlike any other Reagans asking for favors.

What do you think of “family secrets”? Do you want to add a new Reagan to the mix? (Maybe two, if Jamie and his “hero” have … this … completed?)


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