Black dresses burst out, citing “prolonged harassment” from fans


Black Dresses, the Toronto noise-pop duo of Devi McCallion and Ada Rook, has announced their intention to separate. In a statement shared with Pitchfork, the duo explained that the decision stems from “prolonged harassment” by McCallion fans over the past two years. Read it in full below.

The group statement does not describe the specific events that motivated the decision; he notes that McCallion has suffered “a prolonged invasion of privacy and harassment” and refers to an escalation of “hurtful and frightening behavior”. The statement also refers to the fan community who found Black Dresses via the viral success TikTok of their intensely personal debut album in 2018 WASTE.

“Due to its popularity, we did our best to write on less personal topics in the following albums, but WASTE, which includes songs from our two experiences of childhood sexual abuse, has remained very popular, “wrote Rook. “Unfortunately, that popularity has now culminated in the harassment of Devi, so we have decided to disband. “

They released their new album Peaceful as hell last month. He followed LOVE AND AFFECTION FOR LITTLE STUPID SLUTS. Earlier this month, they shared 100 gecs “888db Cloud” coverage. The duo tweeted that all of their music will be removed from all streaming services except Bandcamp.

After careful consideration, black dresses will no longer exist following Devi’s prolonged harassment through his involvement in this group, not only recently, but by intensifying over a period of time.

There is a lot of false information going around. “IN MY MOUTH” was NOT the song that started it, contrary to what was reported. Honestly, the song was not relevant. Authorized fans have behaved in a very hurtful and frightening manner towards Devi, including a prolonged invasion of privacy and harassment for about two years now, only going further and further.

When we released WASTEISOLATION, we had almost no audience, we didn’t know what TikTok was and we didn’t expect to draw attention to such a personal album. Due to its popularity, we did our best to write on less personal topics in the following albums, but WASTEISOLATION, which includes songs from our two childhood sexual assault experiences, remained very popular. Unfortunately, that popularity has now peaked in the harassment of Devi, so we decided to dissolve.

Fans can be nice. Fans can be creative. Fans can be alive and inspired and full of kindness. We are also music fans! However, “Fandom” often involves the culture of acting like you own a person and feeling right. The fandom often feels entitled to try to punish or destroy the object of his fascination if he does not respond to the fandom’s perception of what it should be. We don’t hate our fans – we’ve had many positive interactions with them – but recent events have been far too painful for Devi’s health, so we just do what we need to do.

I (turn) am a little more detached from the situation but I obviously want Devi to be safe, so I am completely with her on this decision. I am still very proud of what we have accomplished on WASTEISOLATION and it is a deeply special album for me. We are grateful for the support we have received over the years. Please do not spread unfounded rumors or gossip or ask us for clarification. We just do what’s best for us. Thank you.

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