Billions Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: “The Chris Rock Test”



The Chris Rock test

Season 5

Episode 2

Editor’s note

4 stars

Photo: Jeff Neumann / SHOWTIME

Who is the most odious? The guy who imperatively claims to be a “monster”, the guy who hides his monstrous qualities behind a facade of phony humility, or the guy who claims to keep his monster at bay with a code? This is a question that arises Billions regularly, make an episode like “The Chris Rock Test” a lot of fun – because the answer is, as always, they are all equally disgusting.

In the corner we have Chuck Rhoades, who keeps his promise to change for the better. On the surface, he keeps his promise, starting the episode in therapy. (The brutal reality of COVID-19 again makes its way into our televised escape; Chuck’s therapist is played by the late Mark Blum.) During the session, Chuck is asked to name an avatar of wisdom, and his choice says a lot. He recently read novels about Dexter Morgan, so Chuck chooses Harry Morgan, father and conscience of the literary serial killer, as his source of advice. (A Showtime drama referring to the basis of another Showtime drama? Who would have thought?)


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