‘Biggest disrespect’: Doug Ford slams Toronto 2nd protest against coronavirus restrictions


Premier Doug Ford criticized a group protesting coronavirus restrictions at Queen’s Park on Saturday, the second such event in as many weeks.

Ford said it observed the Canadian flag held upside down during the protest, which it called “the greatest disrespect.”

“What burns me more than anything is that I look out the window and see our Canadian flag flipped,” Ford said at a press conference.

“Bouquet of yahoos”: Doug Ford detonates Toronto demonstration against coronavirus restrictions

“This is the greatest disrespect for the men and women who fight abroad for our freedoms. Our Canadian military. The six families who lost loved ones in last week’s accident. The 250 men and women at risk who enter long-term care homes and save people’s lives… Canadians have all been united by this challenge. “

Social media images show several people holding the Canadian flag upside down during the event, which drew dozens of people.

Having the country’s flag upside down is used as a sign of distress, according to the federal government.

A man talks to the protesters at Queen's Park while the Canadian flag is upside down in the background.

A man talks to the protesters at Queen’s Park with the Canadian flag upside down in the background.
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“I understand that people are suffering there. And people want to go back to work, “said Ford, adding that he knew people had the right to protest.

“But what they are doing is putting their lives in danger for me by coming together side by side. “

Last Saturday, a similar demonstration took place at Queen’s Park. At the time, Ford called the attendees a “group of yahoos.”

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Ford said police and city officials were responsible for forcing protesters to violate the rules of physical distancing.

In Ontario, gatherings of more than five people are currently prohibited and many municipalities, including Toronto, have their own additional physical distance laws.

Police told Global News that no tickets were given out at the protest on Saturday. No tickets were given out last week either.

“Don’t fly our Canadian flag upside down. It means everything to Canadians and to our men and women on the front lines, ”said Ford.

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