Biden blames Trump for mocking face masks


In an interview with Dana Bash of CNN in Delaware – Biden’s first in-person interview since he was kicked out of the election by the coronavirus pandemic – the alleged Democratic presidential candidate said that Trump was fueling opposition cultural wearing masks when “every great doc in the world says we should wear a mask when you’re in a crowd.” “

“This macho thing, for a guy – I shouldn’t be going, but it costs people’s lives. It costs people’s lives, “said Biden. Trump’s position is tantamount to “stirring up the dead,” he said.

He added, “Presidents are expected to lead, not to commit madness, and to be falsely male. “

The comment comes as Trump sought to politicize wearing masks during the coronavirus crisis. Trump himself has not worn a mask during factory visits in the past few weeks, although public health experts have recommended wearing them.

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Biden made his comments the day after his first public outing after two months at home in Delaware as the coronavirus pandemic spread, forcing an end to campaign events in person. Former Vice President and his wife Jill wore black masks on Monday as they laid a wreath at the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Fox News host Brit Hume tweeted a photo of Biden’s face in the mask with the comment: “It might help explain why Trump doesn’t like to wear a mask in public. Trump then retweeted Hume.

Trump started the controversy by not wearing masks, including during a visit to the Ford factory in Michigan last week, claiming that he had worn one during a private part of the visit, but l ‘had withdrawn for the tour because he “didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it”, and earlier this month while traveling to a Honeywell Arizona factory that makes masks.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said at a briefing that it was “peculiar” for the former vice president to put on a mask because he is not wearing one all the time at home – although federal guidelines do not recommend masking in people living together.

“It is a bit unusual, however, that in his basement, right next to his wife, he does not wear a mask. But he wears one outside when he is socially distant. So I think there was a difference there, “said McEnany at the White House press briefing on Tuesday.

In the CNN interview, Biden also responded to frequent suggestions from Trump and his re-election campaign that Biden is senile or has lost a step.

When asked how he would respond to these attacks, Biden replied, “Look at me.”

“Look, I mean, talk about a guy who misses a step,” he said of Trump. “He’s missing something, man. “

And he criticized Trump for repeatedly lying about electoral fraud. In recent weeks, Trump has opposed the use of postal ballots, which some states are seeking to use in increased numbers in the context of the coronavirus crisis. On Tuesday, the president tweeted in response to pressure from California to expand voting by mail: “THERE IS NO (ZERO!) WAY Mail-order ballots are anything but fraudulent. Mailboxes will be stolen, ballots will be falsified & even illegally printed and fraudulently signed. “

Biden noted that Trump himself had voted by mail in Florida.

“He’s a guy who sits in the Oval Office, throws out his mail-in ballot and sends him to Florida to vote in elementary school. Now why isn’t this something that is susceptible to fraud? Said Biden.

“There is no evidence” of widespread electoral fraud associated with postal ballots, said Biden.

Biden’s campaign on Tuesday indicated that it had hired Rachana Desai Martin as national director of voter protection, a move that precedes what will likely be a fight against voting methods and access as Trump transforms the Republican Party – which in some states has sought to expand postal voting options – against permission to vote by mail.

Biden also addressed the controversy over his comments in an interview with Charlamagne tha God, an African American host of the nationally popular popular morning radio show “The Breakfast Club”, only if black voters “have a problem if you’re for me or Trump, then you’re not black. “

Biden had sought to revert to this comment hours later, and Democratic Representative Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, the greatest African-American in the House and a close ally of Biden, said on ABC “The View” that ‘He’ had gnashed his teeth, no question about it ‘when he heard Biden’s remark.

“First of all, you know, it was a mistake, number one. And I was smiling when he asked me. I shouldn’t have been so wise with him. He was wise and I replied, “Biden said to Bash.

He said he “never, never once” took the African American community for granted, and “I need to be clear about why I think I deserve their attention.”

Biden said he “was never going to look at” Trump “and that the president” said so many outrageous things “.

He said he recently noted to a prominent African-American friend that Trump – who has fueled the baseless “Obamagate” conspiracy theories on Twitter in recent weeks – was attacking former President Barack Obama.

“I said, ‘Why is he going after Barack?’ He said, ‘Because it moves its base. Barack is a black man, “said Biden.

But he also said that some Democrats who urged Biden to stop apologizing for blunders like the one on “The Breakfast Club” since Trump had racist actions were wrong.

“When I say something that is understandable in retrospect offensive to someone – and legitimately offensive, which makes it seem like I take them for granted – I have to apologize,” said Biden.

Biden also touched on his search for a running mate, saying his vice-presidential search committee had interviewed “many” people considered to be his potential running mate.

The presumed Democratic presidential candidate would not commit to choosing a woman of color as a running mate, saying “we haven’t made it yet.”


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