BGT judges stumble on a double twist during the magician’s “impossible” illusion


Britain’s Got Talent aired breathtaking scenes on Saturday evening, which shocked everyone, including the judges.

Many have wondered how Magical Bones, whose real name is Richard Essien, had managed his impressive turn of cards – and even more his impressive illusion.

Hope, who was joined on stage by four assistants, managed to achieve a double deception.

He even appeared in more than one place at the same time, it seems, with viewers as shocked as judges Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams when the events unfolded.

Richard started with a deck of cards, asking Simon to choose a card from the deck and sign it.

BGT full of hope Magical Bones stunned by his impressive illusion

This card was then pushed back and shuffled, making it “lost” only for Richard to find.

His technique saw him throw the whole package up in the air before backtracking, grabbing the special card Simon had signed earlier.

Since Alesha could not believe what she had seen, she had no idea what awaited them all.

BGT law saw the illusionist change places “with two people”

Richard introduced the judges to his assistant Sarah, before joining three other members of his number on stage.

Sarah stayed near the judges’ office, holding a yellow scarf that Richard had told the judges a few moments earlier, which belonged to a magician who had inspired his act.

While one of them climbed into a glass box positioned on the stage, the others sealed it with 15 swords, which means that there was no way out.

Simon Cowell and BGT judges stunned

The same two, helped by Richard, then rolled on a large rail with a silver curtain around three of the sides so that it was now around the box – before covering it completely.

While Richard was speaking to the judges, he also entered the curtain rail, now completely closed, only for the girl inside wearing a yellow sweater to come out.

Richard now seemed to be in the box in his place, those on stage pushing the rail back.

BGT’s magic bones seemed to change with the girl in the tank

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When they all started to pull out the swords, something inexplicable happened because it turned out that it was not Richard in the box at all – it was Sarah.

Somehow, Sarah had left the side of the stage next to Simon, and was now in the box while Richard was gone.

Suddenly she showed where it had been placed, and Richard was there, now holding the scarf.

It was Sarah in the tank, not Richard

He and Sarah also seemed to change sweaters so that he was in black and she in red.

Simon and the others watched in disbelief what had happened next to them, with viewers very impressed with the act.

Britain’s Got Talent airs Saturday at 8 p.m. on ITV.


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