Best remaining free agents in the NFL: landing points for Cam Newton, Jadeveon Clowney and more


Most of the far-reaching activities of the 2020 NFL offseason have passed and gone, with teams now preparing for a potential return to the facility and an optimistic kick-off of in-person activities. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a handful of big names available on the open market yet. With the biggest waves of free agency in rear view, we decided to play the matchmaker for some of the best players who are still unsigned, associating veterans with teams in need and planning the type of contracts that the veterans could receive.

From Cam Newton to Jadeveon Clowney, here is where we could see nine of the biggest names remaining:

QB Cam Newton

Proposed team: Arizona Cardinals
Projected contract: 1 year, $ 3 million

Some time ago, Newton’s chances of landing a starting job or lucrative backup money were gone, but Arizona was one of the teams that could still stand up to improve on second place. Kyler Murray is undoubtedly the guy from Kliff Kingsbury, but his size and style of play, coupled with a late season injury as a rookie, suggest that the Cardinals should consider a better insurance plan than Brett Hundley, especially after having spent the rest of the off-season for a playoff series. . Newton’s dual threat capabilities would be a treat for Kingsbury, and Cam would have a chance to rest and coach Murray in order to resume his duties as QB1 elsewhere in 2021.

RB Devonta Freeman

Proposed team: San Francisco 49ers
Projected contract: 1 year, $ 2.3 million

Freeman allegedly refused a $ 4 million offer from the Seattle Seahawks (and threatened to withdraw in 2020) did not help his market at all. The former Atlanta Falcons standout has virtually no leverage. So where could he turn? How about a team that showed in 2019 that it thrives when there is an overflowing team of RBs? Coach Kyle Shanahan has been Freeman’s offensive coordinator for his best years in Atlanta, and while the 49ers are hoping that Jerick McKinnon will finally make gains as No. 3, trading them outside Matt Breida opened the takes you to another piece of the puzzle. The Philadelphia Eagles may offer a slightly larger role, but Shanahan offers familiarity.

RB LeSean McCoy

Proposed team: Philadelphia Eagles
Projected contract: 1 year, $ 1 million

Shady should be even more affordable than Freeman after his old friend Andy Reid chose not to use him in the Super Bowl, and common sense says he will strongly consider a rebate to return to Philadelphia, which he has publicly called his real NFL home for years. The eagles don’t really needed him, with Miles Sanders set in stone as a point guard, but owner Jeffrey Lurie has long been an advocate for McCoy, and Doug Pederson has worked with him before. Howie Roseman also has.) Has a fondness for nostalgic movements, and b.) Is very clearly interested in veteran insurance at the job. The reunion seems even more inevitable.

OT Jason Peters

Proposed team: Denver Broncos
Projected contract: 1 year, $ 8.5 million

Peters has apparently been on the Eagles’ speed dial and still prefers to return to Philly, but Doug Pederson has also declared Andre Dillard ready to take over in the left tackle. Peters is also looking for a guaranteed starting point, and the clearest route to that is in Denver, where Garett Bolles has struggled since the Broncos made him a first-round pick in 2017. John Elway has made this offseason a priority for the offseason around Drew. Lock, and even with his injury history, Peters represents a major improvement on Lock’s blind side. Eager to play in his forties, Peters would also bet on the odds of being a competitor’s LT as Lock grows.

DE Everson Griffen

Proposed team: Cleveland Browns
Projected contract: 2 years, $ 25 million

With or without Olivier Vernon, the Browns need help to rush to face Myles Garrett, and although they would have been rejected by Jadeveon Clowney, Griffen is arguably an even more logical adjustment. Familiar with new coach Kevin Stefanski, as well as longtime Vikings assistant Jeff Howard, while in Minnesota, Griffen is still a Pro Bowl player who can start from day 1. There is a reason for which Cleveland, which still has tons of money to spend, sniffed around him before. Considering the aging quality of veteran assistants, Griffen would likely end up being a good deal anyway.

BY Jadeveon Clowney

Proposed team: Tennessee Titans
Projected contract: 1 year, $ 16.5 million

Clowney’s injuries, compounded by restrictions on this offseason, mean that he will not reach the highest dollar on a long-term deal until 2021 at the earliest. So, this is the one-year deal he prefers: having apparently already backed away from the Browns’ large sums of money and turned down offers to return to the Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee makes the most sense. The Titans could support their inexplicable decision to give Vic Beasley $ 9.5 million, their team is built on a pound defense, and they know Clowney from his AFC South past. Clowney, who has 3-4 experience, would also be closer to home in South Carolina.

CB Darqueze Dennard

Proposed team: Buffalo Bills
Projected contract: 1 year, $ 3.5 million

Since his three-year, $ 13.5 million contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars has failed, Dennard has had a quiet market. In Buffalo, Sean McDermott is already betting on Josh Norman to help the cornerback against Tre’Davious White, but with Kevin Johnson gone and Taron Johnson having missed nine games in the past two years, the Bills could still use a proven depth, by especially in the slot machine – which happens to be where Dennard fared well in 2019 with the Cincinnati Bengals. Still 28, the former first round would likely be much happier under McDermott than in Jacksonville anyway.

CB Logan Ryan

Proposed team: Minnesota Vikings
Projected contract: 1 year, $ 10 million

Rick Spielman has just gotten rid of all kinds of corner salaries by emptying Xavier Rhodes and replacing Trae Waynes and Mackensie Alexander with recruits, but the closer we get to the season, the more Mike Zimmer will realize that his defense counts enormously on development snapshot of some mid-term perspectives. Jeff Gladney is a good player in the slot machine, but Ryan is the kind of experienced beginner who could fill an outside role in front of Mike Hughes. It has had success on two different contenders, and the Vikings could offer a little more money than their rival Chicago Bears, which also makes a lot of sense as a plug-and-play destination.

S Eric Reid

Proposed team: Houston Texans
Projected contract: 2 years, $ 18 million

After cut former Pro Bowler Tashaun Gipson barely a year after a $ 22.5 million deal this offseason, the Texans only added a slew of veterans to take on Justin Reid. Coach / general manager Bill O’Brien would have already considered reuniting Justin with his brother Eric, and considering all that O’Brien had done during a period of frenzied Texan agency, why give Reid Is $ 9 million a year out of the question? the question? After a productive year with the Carolina Panthers, Reid’s older brother would help bring much-needed strength to a defensive field that was lacking for much of 2019.


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