Bengals QB Joe Burrow has an interesting answer for hypothetical historical


It’s an age-old question. If you had a time machine, where would you go in history? Who would you like to meet?

I guess those are two questions. We do not care?

This is the question that Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was asked by Dan Hoard of the Bengals Radio Network. Burrow’s answer seems fairly relevant based on what we learned about Burrow in the pre-draft process.

Julius Caesar. Why? Because of his leadership skills.

In what appears to be equivalent to an NFL Combine interview question, Burrow has stayed with the business. A meeting with Caesar would be useful for the purpose he describes, but why stop there?

Before Caesar was a ruthless dictator, he was one of the captives of the Mediterranean pirates. He then secretly organized his rescue by effectively raising the price of his ransom. This could be useful if Burrow feels that the Bengals don’t suit him while his second contract is looming.

This is perhaps the most interesting fact that few people know about Caesar. The rest of his biography is common knowledge and the end of his reign, well, we all know how it went.

Come to think of it, there may be other leaders in history that Burrow had better talk to.


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