Ben Wallace admits coronavirus masks are stored for the public


MINISTERS stock masks to be worn by the British as government prepares to consider changing official health boards, it was confirmed today.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the UK has been trying to get “as many masks as possible” and has been saving them for weeks.

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    Britain stores masks for the general public7
Britain stores masks for the general publicCredits: Getty Images – Getty
    Ben Wallace confirmed the news earlier7
Ben Wallace confirmed the news earlier

Later this week, an official decision on the masks is expected to be made by the British government, and the British should be asked to wear them in confined spaces or on public transport.

Scotland has already told the public to start wearing them, as they can have an impact on preventing ill people without symptoms from passing them on.

Mr. Wallace said today, “It is not surprising if you wear a mask that nobody is going to get it, but there is obviously this problem with human nature and interactions if you go to public transport and wear a mask will you feel able to go back to work.

“At the same time, to anticipate if different rules should be established around the masks, we have been trying to find as many masks as possible as we speak and this for the past few weeks. “

The news is presented as:

It comes after Micheal Gove revealed that they plan to build a supply last week.

He said a “domestic effort” was launched to slow the spread of the coronavirus after being challenged by Rachel Reeves of Labor to build a stock for the public.

These masks will be used to “limit the droplets for which each of us may be responsible,” he said.

The Sun had previously revealed that scientific experts had changed their minds with the government, but they were considering whether to make a formal change to the minding.

The ministers fear that any decision to tell the British to hide may prevent people from distancing themselves socially because they feel more confident.

And they insist that no surgical mask be removed from NHS staff who need it on the front line.


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Instead, the British should instead wear face covers – a homemade cloth mask or scarf.

Boris Johnson admitted last week that they would be “helpful” in helping the country get back to work.

He said, “I think face covers will be useful, both for epidemiological reasons, but also to give people the confidence that they can return to work.

“And you will hear more about it next week. “

It followed weeks of debate and speculation on whether members of the public should wear face covers.

Boris is expected to present the lockdown release plan later this week, with a possible timetable of how the country can get back on track.

However, experts have stressed that the transmission rate R must first reach the lowest possible number.

The Prime Minister said today, “Thank you for everything you have done to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“Thank you all, I believe we are making progress.

“But we can only move on to the second phase of this conflict when our five tests have been passed.

“We must be convinced that any adjustment to current measures does not risk a second peak of infections which overwhelms the NHS.

“It will then be time to move on to the second phase. The worst thing we can do now is to calm down too soon and allow a second spike in the coronavirus. “

Any number greater than one means that the virus has started to spread again and that cases can skyrocket.

Schools are expected to reopen from June, starting with elementary schools and then in the 12s and taking exams next year.

Grant Shapps presented some of the transportation restart plans yesterday.

    Boris said last week's face masks could be helpful7
Boris said last week’s face masks could be helpfulCredit: Crown Copyright


Officials are studying one-way systems at stations and hand sanitizers on trains as part of efforts to open the system.

But the conductors fear that they will not be able to provide enough services and will only be able to operate at 20% of their total capacity if everyone has to stay within two meters of each other.

Wallace also revealed this morning that two-meter guidelines can be relaxed in the workplace if they are able to use other means of protection.

He suggested that PPE and shields like those in supermarkets could be used to safely separate people.



Boris Johnson Says Face Masks Will Be “Helpful” After Coronavirus Lockout


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