BEFORE CHRIST. pitches plan to self-isolate NHL teams to match Alberta


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VICTORIA – BC is considering a plan to quarantine entire teams together, with the goal of matching Alberta’s request to become one of two hockey sites when the National Hockey League season begins again ‘summer.

Public health official Dr. Bonnie Henry said Thursday she believed Alberta’s “quarantine cohort” proposal to isolate entire teams at hotels near a hockey rink could work in British Columbia.

“We have certainly discussed how it could be safely done in British Columbia as well,” said Henry.

“I see how we could potentially have a small number of people cohorting together into self-isolation, for example in a hotel, and management monitored regularly. And I know if someone could do it, the NHL is probably ready to do it. I can see how we could also have something like that in British Columbia. “

But Henry said she hadn’t heard directly from the NHL about the idea yet. “The bottom line is that I have not seen any proposal, certainly not an NHL written proposal, on how it might work.”


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