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No Lions roar. No high Fin fins. There is no indication that professional sports in Vancouver will be possible by the end of the year.

And if, or when, local teams can entertain us on TV before 2021, they are likely to do so outside of the province at central league locations.

Speaking to the Vancouver Canucks, the British Columbia Lions, the Vancouver Whitecaps FC and the Vancouver Canadians, Glacier Media has found that the most popular sports teams in Vancouver are waiting for instructions from their respective headquarters. .

The most important and common pandemic barriers they face include: border restrictions on player movement; process public health prescriptions between countries and between states and provinces; find central locations to host games; and tackling decimated revenue streams without ticket sales.

“The guys from New York provide us with models and ideas every week. The only thing nobody can provide us with is a real schedule when things are in place, “said Axel Schuster, Whitecaps sporting director.

Major League Soccer, said Schuster, is considering central locations to play games. This idea is at a more advanced stage with the Major League Baseball, and more recently, the National Hockey League has indicated that it is considering up to four host cities to complete its 2020 season.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman told the media on April 22 that the league would avoid any “hot spot” for the virus.

A central location for MLB means the Vancouver Canadiens’ season would be canceled, said team spokesperson and play-by-play broadcaster Rob Fai.

“I would be really surprised to see a baseball season in Vancouver, given the hurdles we would have to overcome,” said Fai.

The MLB plans to play all of its games in a dozen small stadiums in Florida or Arizona, without supporters. Players would be housed in tightly monitored premises and subjected to frequent testing.

In this scenario, the teams would likely keep their farming teams, like the Canadians, in one place for the season.

Hockey has television and radio deals that somewhat protect it from a lack of ticket sales. But Lions President Rick LeLacheur said the Canadian Football League is much more dependent on ticket revenues.

“Seat sales are our highest turnover. We need fans in the stands. “

However, although players are paid by the game, fanless games are possible, he said last Tuesday, a few hours before the CFL was released with a request for assistance of $ 150 million to Canadian government.

“It is very unlikely that we will be playing games this summer, so we will be looking to fall,” said LeLacheur, noting that the first hurdle is getting players into Canada from the United States.

If physical distance regulations are relaxed, LeLacheur has said it may consider a limited number of seats in games.

“It will depend on government decisions.”


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