BBQ planned for this holiday? 3 barbecue upgrades you need right now


The second statutory holiday weekend of this month promises to be a record – the hottest longest weekend of the year to date. With pretty strict locking restrictions still in place for millions of Britons across the UK, taking the garden to light a barbecue promises to be an extremely popular option for those looking to escape their four walls.

If you’re looking for the ultimate barbecue with family, friends – or anyone in your household, we have a few gadget upgrades to make sure you have the ultimate set-up for the holiday weekend. So read on and find out exactly what you need.

Best barbecue for your barbecue grills on May holidays

If you’re looking for the ultimate upgrade to your May holiday barbecue, the new Weber SmokeFire grill might be just the ticket. At a tempting price of £ 1,199, this cutting-edge cooking kit means you’ll never have burnt sausages again, thanks to its stunning network of sensors.

These smart sensors power the Weber Connect smartphone app, which will give budding chefs step-by-step meal preparation guides – and can even calculate when your food will be ready based on what you grill for the family. All of this means that you can let the microchips handle the steaks while you sort the fries from the oven.

Most importantly, if you’re perfectly happy with the barbecue you already have in your garage, smart sensors can be added to your current setup with the £ 109 Weber Connect standalone smart grill concentrator. This means you can launch the same smartphone app and benefit from the same cooking guides and military-precision ETA for your bangers without replacing the entire barbecue.

Best barbecue app to make sure your holiday barbecue is a success

There are many apps to provide you with side dish recipes to make your barbecue a success, but let’s be honest, the most important part of any holiday barbecue is the weather. That’s why we recommend Dark Sky.

It’s easily our favorite weather app. In fact, it’s so brilliant that Apple recently bought the entire operation, which allowed it to choose the brain behind the successful application to boost its own weather application, which is pre-installed on all iPhone. and iPad from around the world.

Dark Sky is the gold standard for weather applications. In fact, it is so reliable that dozens of other extremely successful weather apps are powered by weather data provided by Dark Sky. The app load, available on iPhone and Android (although Apple plans to close it in the next month), has a detailed schedule for the next 24 hours that tells you exactly what to expect.

You can choose to switch between a detailed breakdown of temperature, probability of precipitation, wind speed in MPH, humidity levels, UV index, cloud cover and pressure. There is also a countdown to sunset and a “looks like” hint that tries to give a little more detail to the raw numbers – so, if there will be high humidity and lots of cloud cover ( statistics you wouldn’t be able to dig otherwise) Dark Sky will let you know if it will make you feel a lot warmer than the base temperature suggests.

There is also a seven-day forecast and a satellite map as you would expect to see in the background of the TV weather report.

Barbecue chefs with an Apple Watch will be able to receive weather alerts on their wrist to notify them of incoming rain, temperature alerts or anything else that could impact your grilling. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the clouds (and the rain), you should use Dark Sky.

The best barbecue gadgets to make sure your barbecue is a holiday

There are a lot of gadgets to make a standard barbecue a summer party. But let’s be honest, if you only choose one – you need a speaker. Whether it’s a great crime podcast to keep the chef’s company while he is roasting before everyone heads out to the garden, or a sparkling summer playlist to start the party over lunch.

If you’re looking for a solid Bluetooth speaker, you can’t go wrong with anything in the Ultimate Ears range. They’re drop and water resistant, so you don’t need to tilt them – be afraid to spill or drop drinks when you tell a particularly enthusiastic anecdote. The EU Boom 3 is probably the best balance of volume, compact size and price.

However, if you already have a home theater system or configuration connected to multiple rooms powered by Sonos, you might want to take a look at the recent Bluetooth option from the American company, the Sonos Move. This speaker can be docked to be part of your connected home – so you can listen to music throughout the house or separate each room with its own radio station, podcast, or playlist. And when you’re ready to venture out into the garden, it can pair with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet, ready to stream tunes to add an extra touch to the process.

And of course, making a Google Meet, WhatsApp, or Zoom video call with friends and family who can’t reach you physically can be a great way to boost the numbers for your holiday party. Enjoy.


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