BBC Carol Kirkwood pays emotional tribute to NHS Slough staff after being knocked down


BBC presenter Carol Kirkwood paid emotional tribute to NHS staff in Slough after she was knocked over from her bike.

The 57-year-old man, who provides daily weather updates on BBC Breakfast, had to be taken to Wexham Park Hospital for treatment.

She went on Twitter on Tuesday May 19 morning to congratulate the staff for their help, saying, “I left after an accident. I was run over by a car and injured.

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“The biggest thanks ever to the police (Chris and Faye), the paramedics (Miranda and Stewart) who treated me and took me to the hospital. And especially Peter Foskett-Tharby at Wexham Park Hospital. “

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, which manages Wexham Park, quoted his tweet, adding, “This morning Carol Kirkwood thanked one of our nurses, Peter, after taking care of her after a bad accident .

“We are delighted to see you standing Carol again!” “

The Scottish presenter, who was back to present the weather forecast for Tuesday morning on the BBC, went into details of the accident which left her with a serious knee injury.

“I was on my bike and was run over by a car that entered me – a pure accident of course,” she said.

“But I got hurt. And this is a great opportunity to say thank you to three cyclists who helped me immediately after the incident and to the police.

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“The Thames Valley police – it was Chris and also Faye – and the ambulance who looked after me and then took me to the hospital – and it was Miranda and Stewart.

“And at Wexham Park Hospital, this man is a genius, his name is Peter Foskett-Tharby and I cannot thank him enough.

“I still have a bad knee injury but I’m here and I’m so thankful for that. “


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