“Batwoman” recap: Season 1 finale: [Spoiler] Die, Hush takes on a new face


The CW Batwoman, although he had to finish his season earlier than expected, caused some major twists (and a wild revelation) with his first-year finale.

On behalf of the neutralization of a hometown football hero who was falsified by brain scans and machined with a painless machete, Batwoman suggested to Commander Kane that he combine forces. But after that, as the lights came back on in a black football stadium, Batwoman realized that the Ravens had surrounded her. And then they tried to guess it with bullets, although the scarlet knight managed to get to safety (as she does).

Elsewhere: Upon learning that the only known piece of kryptonite defeated by Batsuit had been left to the late Lucius Fox and therefore appears to be unrecoverable, Mouse urged Alice to leave and leave town with him. Alice accepted and even burned her ceremoniously Alice in Wonderland book … but actually poisoned Mouse, choosing in tears his vendetta rather than his brother. Later, Alice gave Tommy aka Hush a face that was not so “new” but enough familiar, because he now looks exactly like Gotham’s favorite son, MIA Bruce Wayne!

Batwoman Finale Bruce WayneTVLine spoke with Batwoman showrunner on this exciting cliffhanger “accidentally” and much more.

TVLINE | Among other things, of course, I feel like we just watched a major turning point for Alice. A line has been crossed.
Yes really. The mouse gave her a very clear ultimatum, and Alice from five episodes ago may have made a different decision. But when she has revenge in sight, nothing stops her.

TVLINE | It was a heartbreaking scene. Excellent work of both (Rachel Skarsten and Sam Littlefield).
Yeah they were so good in this scene. It was very moving. I felt bad for Alice, even though I said to myself, “You made this girl! “

Batwoman Bruce WayneTVLINE | I feel like Jacob, too, has crossed a line. He looked borderline obsessed with Batwoman in his last scene….
I refer to this episode as “Jacob wakes up in a very bad mood”. We’ve seen glimpses of it before, and it ended up being a pretty mirror for the pilot. We touched on this earlier in the season, his disdain for Batman and his growing disdain for Batwoman. This reached a climax in this episode, and it is a good “end” for their dynamics.

TVLINE | When Sophie ran to the football field, I thought she might shout, “No! She is your girl! But it’s probably not his secret to say.
[[[[Laughs]Yes, I think we would have liked Sophie at the moment, but then we found a way to hate her for leaking Kate’s secret.

TVLINE | As for “Bruce Wayne”, you must be very satisfied with the accidental end-of-season cliffhanger you left us.
I know! We are really lucky. The fact is that if we had broken [the season] at [last week’s] Episode 19, or [the unfilmed] Episode 21, we would have had the same feeling, because we try to end all our shows with an intense cliffhanger. I might have tried to do a little more, in the sense of the cliffhanger, with a romance, but I think we have made good progress with Sophie and Julia, and we thought that their relationship would become more complicated .

TVLINE | We knew that in the comics, Hush sometimes wears the face of Bruce Wayne, but I think the other surprise here – unless you spotted his name in the credits, as I did – is that it’s Warren Christie (Alphas, Pattern). Which one is Phone perfect cast.
Oh my God, he’s such a good actor. He’s been on some of the shows I’ve watched, and when I saw his name appear during our casting sessions, I thought, “Um, Hello! Yes of course. And then when I met him, for whatever reason, I was keeping the plans for the Batcave, so I thought, “Oh, let me show you the Batcave! This is where it is, this is where it is … ”We looked together at it.

TVLINE | Now remind me – Bruce has really been missing for several years. Luke did not find him and he was never presumed dead in itself.
It’s just MIA. Luke had a little moment in episode 3 where Kate is like, “Luke, do you really think Bruce is coming back? And Luke must have said, “No” In his mind, I think he put him to bed, so that will obviously open up all these stories in his life when he finds himself face to face with his hero.

TVLINE | What types of challenges could Tommy face in becoming Bruce? Or does he know his longtime rival this Well, is he going to skate?
Well, there couldn’t have been a better person to pretend to be Bruce. He’s going to go through the “Bruce Wayne experience” – he won’t lose a moment of his new lifestyle. But he will face obvious obstacles because the people Bruce surrounds himself with are cunning and wise, and they’ve seen antics like this before. Their guards will be relieved.

TVLINE | And Tommy Is know that Bruce was Batman.
Yes, Tommy Is knows that Bruce is Batman, and he knows that Kate is Batwoman. It was a point of history that we had not dramatized, but we articulated it at one point.

TVLINE | Have we seen Gabriel Mann’s latest as Tommy?
Not necessarily. Nope. It is so much fun to work with…. I really have nothing in mind planned, but when you meet a good actor, you find a way to continue working with him.

TVLINE | Other shows on The CW appear to have ended their shortened seasons with 19 episodes. Have you barely finished 20? Did you need clever moves?
Honestly, we were just lucky. When I saw the writing on the wall and saw that production was going to stop, our last day was the Alice / Mouse screenplay, and I was like, “As long as we put this in the box , we have an episode. “This is an important story. We ended up giving up just one day of filming, the way our schedule was ahead of the pandemic. Losing a filming day sucks – I wish I had those scenes in there – but at the end of the day, we had a really solid episode.

TVLINE | Your two unfinished episodes, do you think you will keep them intact during the long break? Or could you get restless and tinker …?
When you are a writer and you have free time, you start tinkering and tinkering…. Otherwise, I’m just sitting on my iPad reading comics, so I have a lot of ideas. The only thing writers never have is time, so when they to have , they are thinking about making changes.

TVLINE | How would you rate your planned end of the season, end of episode 22? Would it have been a twist from what was seen in season 1, or was it a big big tease for season 2?
It was a pretty epic cliffhanger, and a huge crisis for the Bat team. We’re still going to be using a lot of it, because it’s also a great launch for the season. It works anyway.

TVLINE | When Kate told Luke and Mary that she needed OK for Supergirl to part with her piece of kryptonite, that, combined with “Previously On …”, made me think that Kara might appear.
Well, this is one of the downsides of COVID. The frame from which Kate slides kryptonite, which was supposed to be a photo of Kara and Kate. When I saw the clipping, he said, “INSERT AN IMAGE OF KARA AND KATE. I was like, “Guys, why is this still in the cup? They said, “We can’t go and photograph them together, we’re locked out. So it was a little disappointing, because I wanted to show that Kate had a photo of Kara in her library, because they are friends.

TVLINE | Will Kara appear on screen next season to give Kate her blessing?
I do not think so. The way that the Super girl the production schedule is being established, it does not really correspond to ours. We’re just going to have to involve him in one way or another.

TVLINE | Which season 1 episode or sequence are you most proud of?
I really liked Batwoman going out [in Episode 10], and I really liked the train sequence in this episode…. I really appreciate all the stunts we did because we tried to make them all feel a little bit different. Yes, Batwoman seems to be struggling here and there, back and forth, but we’ve always tried to give her a different twist. As in episode 17, she goes through the spiral staircase, which is really neat. And I really liked Arkham’s fighting streak [in Episode 19], which was a kind of one-r which was wide…. In [director] The James Bamford episode, there were some really cool stunts there, and one of the ones I wanted to do was Matrix move to where the grapple gun arrives at Kate and she leans back; I think it went well. I am really very proud of our stunts department.

TVLINE | A last allusion to season 2 (the first of which is scheduled for January 2021)?
It will start from a really shocking place, and will continue to do so as you go.

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