Batwoman: Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz Hints She Wants To Take Control Of Ruby Rose


Stephanie Beatriz, the actress who plays police detective Rosa Diaz in the hit sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, hinted that she wanted to take the lead role in The CW’s superhero series Batwoman.

Earlier, it was revealed that Ruby Rose, who played Kate Kane (aka Batwoman) throughout the show’s first season, would step down from the role.

Shortly after the news was announced, Beatriz wrote: “* read all about Batwoman,” suggesting that she was interested in playing the role of the caped crusader.

When someone commented below that she should “go method,” the actress replied, “Legitimate dyed my hair red last month. “

In a declaration announcing his departure from Batwoman, Rose wrote, “It was not a decision I took lightly because I have the utmost respect for the cast, the team and everyone involved in the show in Vancouver and Los Angeles. . “

The production of the series had been marred by accidents on set.

Rose had to have surgery after herniating two discs in the back, and a crew member was paralyzed from the waist down in a separate accident.

Beatriz has long sought a role in a superhero franchise; she has already expressed her desire to play She-Hulk in the next Marvel series, telling Entertainment tonight: “I would die to play this role. “

However, the programming conflicts with the production in progress Brooklyn Nine-Nine meant that Beatriz was unable to continue the game.


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