Barcelona hint about next step in Liverpool’s evolution and Timo Werner signing could help


Timo Werner is the name that just won’t go away as Liverpool and the rest of Europe prepare for what will be the strangest summer transfer window since time restrictions on buying players have been introduced.

Reports say Liverpool will no longer be in the German striker, while others say the Reds have asked for more time to reach a deal.

Werner having already ruled out any move from Bayern Munich, with behind-the-scenes indications that he would prefer Anfield to Barcelona, ​​it seems that the 24-year-old, at least, is confident that an agreement with Liverpool can be reached.

After all, why would one of the most sought-after talents in world football be so eager to exclude two of the European elites?

The coronavirus will make a difference, and Liverpool will have to be careful, but even so, it wouldn’t shock anyone if Werner teamed up with Jurgen Klopp next season.

The question has been asked over and over where Werner would fit into the pending Premier League champions.

He would however get a lot of minutes, and his flexibility and ability to play through the first three positions would mean that he would be in great demand.

But for Liverpool, the priority is not to ensure that Werner has a place on the team, but rather to ensure that they continue to evolve.

As Josh Williams said on Analysis of the Anfield podcast, teams at the peak of their powers must strengthen while they are still at the top in order to stay ahead of the hunting pack.

He explained: “Even the most perfect tactics of the past have finally become a bit outdated, and Liverpool, as good as it is right now, you don’t want teams to find answers.

“A simple solution is to find different ways to attack – Liverpool will not be discovered defensively.

“He’s more likely to attack and the teams will find a way to cancel it.

“But if Liverpool can find ways to get around this, especially by signing additional tools like Werner, or a number 10, or some other central midfielder, they’ll be fine.

“It is whether or not you rest on your laurels that will be the problem.

“You have to make sure you keep signing versatile players who provide you with a platform to mix it up. “

At some point, Liverpool will drop from its current level, it’s inevitable.

But they can ward off that moment with regeneration tactics like these.

Even the big teams like Barcelona have evolved.

The brilliant tiki-taka between 2008 and 2012 finally gave way to a more direct approach under Luis Enrique, when Neymar, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi were at their peak.

And now, since 2017, when the Spaniard left, Ernesto Valverde and Quique Setien have both changed the plan.

It’s still Barcelona, ​​but it’s a different version, and one that is not as predictable as it would be if the team had grown in a straight line.

Liverpool, like many other top teams over the years, hopes to follow the same path.

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Pep Guardiola is the man who started refreshing in Barcelona before his release, and he’s now the man who chases Liverpool.

And to avoid falling into a familiar trap, Liverpool will need to take a sheet from his book.


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