Barack Obama, Jonas Brothers & Karol G and more: 5 key moments from ‘Graduate Together’


While the 2020 high school graduation is faced with stay-at-home orders that make in-person degrees almost impossible, LeBron James decided to give seniors the desire they deserve with the help from some very famous friends.

On Saturday May 16, James hosted “Graduate Together”, the first live opening ceremony, where stars from around the world stopped to offer congratulations on the 2020 promotion.

From a few mind-blowing musical performances to an enthusiastic speech by Barack Obama, here are five key highlights from “Graduate Together”.

Dua Lipa offers a pep rally fantasy with the performance “Break Your Heart”

For the grand opening of the series, pop superstar Dua Lipa has appeared to perform his latest single, “Break My Heart”. Dancing against a background of changing colors, the star was also joined by high school seniors, ranging from cheerleaders to the color guard through the brass band, to help everyone feel as if they were from back in his gymnasium, get pumped during a pep gathering.

Ben Platt recruits his brothers for a mix of the most played songs at graduation ceremonies

Everyone knows these same songs as you can expect to hear at least one during your graduation ceremony. Fortunately for the 2o20 class, Ben Platt and his brothers, Henry and Jonah, decided to combine them into one major mashup. Beginning a capella and gradually adding more music, the trio paid tribute to songs like “Memories” by Maroon 5, “Graduation” by Vitamin C, “Forever Young” by Alphaville, “Good Riddance” by Green Day and many more others.

HER. becomes real with the class of 2020 during “Sometimes”

For its performance, H.E.R. chose to perform his single “Sometimes” – the lyrics immediately start with “sometimes it’s not like you”, as if it was intended for promotion this year. Playing with a masked group, H.E.R. has made it clear through his emotional performance that, although things may not be ideal for seniors around the world, things will ultimately change, for the better.

Jonas Brothers and Karol G start the party with an “X” performance

In the closing evening, the Jonas Brothers offered their congratulations before declaring ” let’s party “and start a live performance of their brand new single,” X “. Members of the 2020 class appeared on video as the brothers’ personal backup dance team before Karol G showed up to give an amazing performance of it. verse on the new contagious single pop. The summer piece was the perfect way to end a relatively dark evening – with well-deserved fun.

Barack Obama offers graduates a message of hope

The highlight of the evening came when former President Barack Obama made his official opening speech to the high school graduating class. The president was sometimes funny, sometimes gloomy, but above all, hopeful for the future, which he placed in the hands of the graduates. “Do you know that all these adults who you think were responsible and knew what they were doing? It turns out that they don’t have all the answers, “he noted. Most of them don’t even ask the right questions. So if the world is going to get better, it will be up to you. “

After offering advice to the class, which emphasized the importance of community and compassion, the President informed the graduates that he was not worried about them – he was delighted to see them. succeed. “The truth is that you don’t need us to tell you what to do, because in many ways you’ve already started to lead. “



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