Banksy Donates New Artwork to Honor Hospital Health Care Workers


Street artist Banksy unveiled a new work of art honoring healthcare workers he donated to Southampton University Hospital (UHS) in the UK.

The work of art, which Banksy called “Game Changer,” depicts a child playing with a nurse doll wearing a mask and a cape. Batman and Spider-Man superhero figures are visible in a trash can on the ground.

The hospital has, with Banksy’s approval, titled the play “Painting for Saints,” according to a UHS spokesperson. The name refers to the city’s Premier League football team, affectionately known as “The Saints”.

The BBC reported that the artist included a note for the hospital that said, “Thank you for everything you do. I hope it will brighten the place up a bit, even if it’s just black and white. “

UHS did not immediately respond to a request for confirmation that the artist had left for the hospital. Banksy confirmed, however, that the work was his, after posting it on Instagram.

Paula Head, Director General of the UHS featured the new work in a tweet. He is now supervised and is temporarily exposed at the hospital.

“So proud to reveal this amazing painting for saints, created by Banksy to thank everyone who works with and for the National Health Service (NHS) and our hospital,” Head tweeted. “An inspiring backdrop to pause and reflect in these unprecedented times. “

Banksy reacted to the UK’s coronavirus lockout last month by sharing images of illustrated rats freaking out in his bathroom. “My wife hates it when I work at home,” wrote the anonymous artist in an accompanying caption on Instagram.

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Banksy has not been the only top artist to honor British healthcare workers in recent weeks. Damien Hirst has created a rainbow-inspired artwork called “Butterfly Rainbow” to “pay tribute to the wonderful work NHS staff do in hospitals across the country,” according to his website. The profits from Hirst’s limited edition work will be donated to the health service.

At least 30,076 people died from coronavirus in the UK, 649 more than the previous day, British Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said on Wednesday.

The number of people in the UK who tested positive for the virus is 201,101, and there are 13,615 people in hospitals with Covid-19, which is less than 13,922 compared to the previous day .


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