“Bachelor Fans” Can’t “Forgive Chris Harrison” For Sending The Best Singer Home


While The Bachelor presents: listen to your heart does not receive the ratings that a regular season of The single person the fact, many fans are still involved. In the season finale, fans turned to social media to complain to Chris Harrison that the best singer had left because she was not a couple. Several viewers say they cannot “forgive Chris Harrison” for sending the best singer home.

Rudi and Matt on
Rudi and Matt in “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart” presented by Chris Harrison | John Fleenor via Getty Images

What happened to Rudi and Matt in the season finale of “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart”?

The three remaining couples on The Bachelor presents: listen to your heart were Matt Ranaudo and Rudi Gutierrez, Jamie Weintraub and Trevor Holmes, and Chris Watson and Bri Stauss. Fans expected to see the three couples perform in Nashville at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

However, Chris Harrison came to stress that the three couples must have confidence in their relationships. Matt knew he was happy to have a relationship with Rudi; however, he was not in love with her.

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The two had a conversation and decided that they could not move forward because they were not in love like the other two couples. Rudi and Matt both went home before they could play in the final competition.

Fans were shocked that Rudi and Matt couldn’t stay and sing

Many viewers went to Twitter after Rudi and Matt left the mansion. They feel that the singers should not go home because they are not in a deep enough relationship. It’s a short time, and fans have felt that Matt and Rudi were advancing as a couple.

“If Rudi doesn’t happen tonight because real love is a condition for going on stage, I will never forgive Chris Harrison,” tweeted a fan.

Fans were dismayed that their favorite singers had returned home before the final performance.

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“We were ROBBED,” wrote another fan on Twitter. ” [I] will never recover from missing Rudi’s latest performance. “

Comments continued to pour in, largely because fans couldn’t see Rudi singing Whitney Houston.

“Imagine being the best singing duo on a SINGING SHOW and having to leave because you don’t want to commit in the next 3-5 working days,” added another. Twitter user.

Spoiler King Reality Steve said the show “has a major identity crisis”

“How many groups have male / female leads who are not together / go out / are married and still produce hit singles and multi-platinum albums?” Questioned Reality Steve. ” A lot. “

Reality Steve follows and reports on Bachelor Nation on each program. He points out that there is no reason why the couple should not be able to sing together.

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“This is the part of #ListenToYourHeart makes absolutely no sense and why the show has a major identity crisis, “wrote Reality Steve on Twitter. “Why do Matt and Rudi have to be a” couple “or” together “to play? Because the show tells them they have to do it? Completely stupid. “

The only hope of Bachelor Nation at this stage is to see Rudi or Matt on a future Bachelor In Paradise, The single person, or The Bachelorette.


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