Author Michael Rosen Went Out of Intensive Care, Says Wife


Former children’s winner Michael Rosen has been removed from intensive care after “a long and difficult” day of 47 days, said his wife.

The children’s novelist and poet was admitted to the London Hospital eight weeks ago.

Emma-Louise Williams said that her husband was continuing his recovery in a room and that it would “take time”.

Rosen, 74, documented the early stages of her illness online,
describing possible symptoms of coronavirus.

In a Saturday update, his wife
“Michael has been in the hospital for eight weeks and I am very happy to say that he left intensive care yesterday after 47 long and difficult days.

“His recovery continues in service and will take time.

“He was so successful in getting through this, but don’t expect him to come back here. “

The message was re-tweeted on Rosen’s Twitter account, alongside a praising comment
“The incredible efforts of the friendly staff”
at Whittington hospital, north London, where he is being treated.

Video caption

BBC presenter Sophie Raworth reads these are the hands of Michael Rosen.

Rosen, who was a children’s winner from 2007 to 2009, detailed her early symptoms in a series of tweets.

On March 22, he said, “I can’t help my thermostat from crashing: cold hands, warm head. Freezing sweats.

“Under the covers to shake the bed.”

“Image of a war hero biting a handkerchief while his best companion dives living charcoal into the wound to cauterize him.

The next day Rosen said he
had no chest pain or persistent cough
, “Therefore all along, it could have been a strong flu and not a crown”.

His wife, who has not confirmed if he has contracted a coronavirus, later resumed updating his status on his social media account after being admitted to hospital in late March.

In early May, to mark Rosen’s 74th birthday, she shared a photo of him surrounded by friends at an event last year.

Sorry, this Twitter message is currently not available.

Rosen’s many works for children include bear hunting, Little Rabbit Foo Foo and Tiny Little Fly.

In 2008, he wrote the poem It’s the Hands to Mark the 60th Anniversary of the NHS, which has since been published in It’s the Hands: Poems from the Heart of the NHS.

All proceeds from the book go to the NHS Charities Covid Appeal.


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