Audi driver who used the ringtone in a dumped online race from his own team


Abt in the happier days behind the wheel of a physical car, Paris, 2019.

Abt in the happier days behind the wheel of a physical car, Paris, 2019.
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Daniel Abt was kicked out from the Audi Sport ABT team. The team with their name on it. How do you get dropped from your own team? Get a ringtone to replace you during an online race and get caught.

Here’s today’s news about Daniel Abt from The Race, who unveiled this story this weekend:

Here’s a little more detail on how he got caught, as we wrote the other day:

Suspicions first increased about Abt when he qualified second for the race, held first place for a while and finally finished third, far surpassing all of Abt’s previous performances. Later, the eyebrows remained raised as the competitor’s face on Abt’s video stream was obscured by what appeared to be a microphone and his separate Twitch account was not being streamed in parallel as usual.

When several drivers expressed concern, Mercedes driver Stoffel Vandoorne decided to call Abt during the race. Abt did not respond, apparently confirming Vandoorne’s suspicions.

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A friend of Jalopnik, Hazel Southwell, explained that this is somewhat new territory for driver punishment, as we don’t have exactly a clear category for what this online race was:

As far as I see it personally, I think it’s like the racing version of plagiarism, and I understand why he was given the ax. But get dumped by the team with your own name on it? It hurts.


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