AT&T announces it will drop the “5G Evolution” brand after a backlash


The carrier is not happy, not surprisingly. He “respectfully disagrees” with the board’s recommendation, according to a press release, and said he complied with supporting the “self-regulatory process”. You can read the full statement below. He has not specified whether the 5GE icon will disappear from customers’ devices (i.e. the area where the most misleading claims are made), but he does not use 5G Evolution in his advertising current.

The move came following a lawsuit against T-Mobile, and more than a year after AT&T agreed with Sprint (now part of T-Mobile) in a lawsuit over the 5GE label.

The planned change comes a little late when AT&T is already rolling out its true 5G network. However, this can provide a more accurate representation of true AT&T coverage, and it may discourage providers from enhancing their network capabilities in the future.

“AT&T respectfully disagrees with the reasoning and the result obtained by the majority of the Panel. AT&T customers nationwide continue to benefit from the significantly higher speeds and performance provided by its current network. However, as a supporter of the self-regulatory process, AT&T will comply with the NARB’s ruling. “


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