At the heart of high-stakes negotiations to relaunch the MLB season – The Athletic


It will be quite difficult to agree on safety protocols, but the most controversial challenge for Major League Baseball and the Players’ Association could be to resolve player wages for a shortened 2020 season. It seems almost unfathomable that an economic dispute could prevent a season from happening, but the parties are currently anchored in their positions. The union believes that a resolution is already in place, while the league has not yet proposed an alternative. Almost a week after the two sides met numerically, the familiar distrust between the two parties already colors the talks. The league, highlighting the wording of the initial March agreement to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, says the union must abandon its position that the wages issue is closed before making a new proposal. The union doesn’t think it should discuss sacrificing extra wages until the league demonstrates financial distress with hard evidence – not to mention the idea of ​​50-50 revenue sharing …


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