As phase two of BC’s restart plan begins, health officials will look for signs to see if we need to step back | Radio nl


The provincial health worker in British Columbia says that as we enter phase two of the restart plan, there are signs to look for to see if we need to step back.

Dr. Bonnie Henry says that includes the number of new COVID-19 cases that are not easily linked to a train of transmission that we know of.

“So right now we know that there have been a few cases in a number of industrial facilities and if we find a new case and we can link it to this, we say” okay, it was always a person who was in this incubation period. “When we have new cases that arise in the community that we have no connection to, they are of more concern. “

“So we’re going to monitor next week to two weeks, and then depending on what’s going on, we may need to extend that period depending on the number of new cases we have. The other things that are extremely important is to make sure that we have the ability to test everyone we need to test. So, if we have identified a new cluster, we can do quick tests on everyone who needs it. “

“Also, of course, keep an eye on the number of people hospitalized, as this indicates an increase in transmission in the community and our capacity for intensive care.” Especially as we start to increase our surgeries, it takes over from our hospital beds and intensive care. “

Henry hopes that the current approach will not move us backwards. She has already stated that it will take between 21 and 28 days before we know if it is safe to move on to phase three.


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