Are Kyle Lowry’s Philadelphia 76ers rumors true?


There have been rumors that the Toronto Raptors will trade Kyle Lowry with the Philadelphia 76ers in hopes of securing draft rights for LaMelo Ball.

There have been rumors that the Toronto Raptors are trying to send Kyle Lowry to the Philadelphia 76ers for the LaMelo Ball draft rights. The rumors came for the first time from Rashad Phillips on Scoop B Radio, where he mentions that the Toronto Raptors are very present on LaMelo Ball. Then it was also later tweeted by Corey Williams, an NBL analyst for ESPN – NBL is the league in which LaMelo Ball played last season.

While I doubt there is any legitimacy to these trade rumors, and that the rumors have just been launched to create a discussion, here is how all of the trade would happen:

Toronto Raptors logoRaptors

To receiveGolden State Warriors first round pick

Philadelphia 76ers Logo76ers

Golden State Warriors logoWarriors

So far, that’s all we know and we don’t know how legitimate it is. There are surely other coins that would accompany this for salary reasons, but these are the main spare parts. We know Masai Ujiri is not afraid to trade big, so there is perhaps the LIGHTEST chance of something happening, but still very unlikely. Without NBA and not much to say, I will see why each team would succeed or not.

Toronto Raptors

If the Toronto Raptors were to withdraw this trade, fans will see it as complete madness. It also probably means that the Toronto Raptors do not believe in their current nucleus and accept a mini reconstruction.

LaMelo Ball is already used to playing in an adult league, so the transition to the NBA would be easier than other draft players. LaMelo’s strong points are his game and his handling of the ball in attack. His speed and size for a 6 foot 7 inch wing also make him a very good defender in today’s league. Although his jump shot needs major work, he will only be 19 years old once he actually enters the league and will have plenty of time to work on his game. His potential is endless.

Lowry, who does not seem to have experienced a decline yet, but should soon enter the wrong side of their thirties. Trade makes some sense to the Toronto Raptors if they believe Lowry’s days are numbered as a point guard. Negotiating a player who gave gave everything in Toronto and will most likely have their number removed when all is said and done is not a good omen for fans of the Raptors.

Philadelphia 76ers

So for the Sixers, this is the team that would probably make the least sense. Ben Simmons is only 23 years old and has not yet reached his peak. Separating Simmons from Joel Embiid after just three seasons together is a big mistake, especially considering the amount of talent they both have.

There should be no possibility where the Sixers want to do this business. Even if they get another piece in return, Simmons is a generational talent and still so young. Sure, giving Embiid a point guard who can space the floor is nice, but is it really worth it if Lowry still has two years left?

We know the front office of the Sixers has done a lot of swapping and moving in the past few years, so I would not put them aside for such swapping.

Golden state Warriors

There probably isn’t a better team for Ben Simmons than the Golden State Warriors. He would only be surrounded by the best shooters, including Stephen Curry, whom he could repeat over and over. The arrival of Simmons will likely mean the departure of Draymond Green or Andrew Wiggins, which will not be bad at all. Draymond Green has already shown a certain decline, and Andrew Wiggins well, this is Andrew Wiggins.

If you are the Golden State Warriors in this profession, it is a profession that you perform 100 times out of 100.

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Overall, this is a job that will probably never happen. The team that this trade helps the most is the Golden State Warriors and I see no reason for the Raptors to drop their current team and the Sixers to give up such a huge talent.


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