Apocalyptic virus from chicken farms could drown coronavirus and kill half of the world’s population, warns scientist


An apocalyptic virus from chicken farms could overshadow the coronavirus pandemic and kill half of the world’s population, warned a scientist.

Campaign scientist and nutritionist Dr. Michael Greger says our close connection to animals makes us vulnerable to the worst type of epidemic.

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  Chickens may cause next deadly pandemic, scientist warns2
Chickens may cause next deadly pandemic, scientist warnsCredit: Alamy

The coronavirus has spread around the world like wildfire, killing more than 364,000 people after it jumped into humans from bats.

But the bestselling author of How Not To Die says the real scourge that could wipe us out HALF is still to come.

Dr. Greger writes that “with pandemics that explosively spread a virus from human to human, there is never any question of whether, but when.”

The doctor wrote a new book, How to Survive a Pandemic, in which he details that “as long as there is poultry, there will be pandemics,” adding: “In the end, it can be us or them.”

The scientist advocates the benefits of a plant-based diet and predicts that chicken disease could almost wipe us out.

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During the H5NI bird flu in Hong Kong in 1997, the government sought to kill 1.3 million chickens to eliminate the virus.

The virus has never been completely eliminated as outbreaks again occurred between 2003 and 2009 outside of China.

But Dr. Greger vegan advocates changing the way chickens are “raised” to avoid a new outbreak.

He says mass farms where chickens live in such tight spaces that they cannot flap their wings and the high level of ammonia in their feces is a recipe for the disease.

  Dr. Michael Greger says we need to change the way we raise chickens2
Dr. Michael Greger says we need to change the way we raise chickensCredit: Rex Features

The scientist says we need to move from mass production of chickens to smaller flocks raised in less crowded areas with outside access, better hygiene and without the use of human antivirals.

Dr. Greger says the production of unnatural eggs and the practice of breeding must also stop.

However, Dr. Greger cautiously warns that this might not be enough because the viral link between chickens and humans must ultimately be broken.

Dr. Greger said, “The more the animals are stuck together, the more tricks the virus can get on roulette playing for the pandemic jackpot that can be hidden in the lining of the chickens’ lungs. “

It occurs when the number of coronavirus infections has exceeded 6 million worldwide, with 366,928 deaths.

In the UK, weeks of foreclosure measures have seen a significant reduction in the “R” rate – new scientific articles estimate it between 0.5 and 0.9.

The virus has killed more than 38,000 people in the UK, making it the second hardest hit country in the world after the United States, which has now killed more than 104,000 people.

As restrictions across Europe have seen cases on the continent drop dramatically, the pandemic reaches its peak in Brazil and Russia where the infection rate is skyrocketing.

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