Apex Legends season 5 will add PvE hunts to the mix


It’s also mixing things up with Treasure Packs, a kind of in-game lootbox that players can find once a day. It does not enter your inventory, but unlocks items after the match.

They could also find one of the nine artifact pieces that players can find to complete the first quest event for Apex Legends. Nicknamed The Broken Ghost, it is part of a story that will be told throughout the season on a sort of secret relic that every character in the Outlands searches for.

With new shooters like Valuing and Crucible joining the fray, staying relevant will only become more difficult. Adding a new tradition to study as well as PvE modes that might be easier to beat than dozens of other players – sometimes you need a break to fight a dozen TTV Revenant – can make it accessible to a wider audience.


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