“Anyone Can Tell”: meet British Columbia. woman assessing Skype configurations of the world


How good is your Skype configuration at home? Is it as good as Hilary Clinton’s?

Thanks to a B.C. now viral social media project for women, there is a yardstick to compare them.

Jessie Bahrey is the spirit behind Room Rater, a Twitter account capitalizing on the fact that many journalists, celebrities and journalists were confined to their homes during the new coronavirus pandemic.

This gives the public a new look at the homes of many public figures that Bahrey, a resident of Port Moody, could not resist.

She and her partner started rating video rooms for fun together and put the joke online about two weeks ago. Since then, they have accumulated over 120,000 subscribers.

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I think that was part of the reason why it was so successful because everyone can identify with the people who have clothes, have a photobomb for cats, have kids running around the room, have , you know, pictures that don’t perfectly straight on the walls, “she told Dawna Friesen in an interview with Global News. The new reality.

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I think that makes it relatable. I think it’s fun. And I think everyone just needs a little laugh and lightness these days. “

No personality is too big for Room Rater – the toll weighed on both the video layouts of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton in 2016.

Clinton obtained a 9/10 for its “bright” and “charming” decor.

Trudeau got an 8/10 for his “good mix of books, photos, and well-read art,” but Room Rater said a succulent well-placed would add color.

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Several Global News figures also found themselves on Room Rater’s radar – some scoring points for their art collections, both professional and amateur.

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Bahrey, who is the director of a wholesale nursery, says she has no experience in television production, although her partner, a photographer, helped analyze angles and lighting.

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But when it comes to interior design, we’re just making it fly, ”she said.

We criticize faults, everything we can see. We try really, really hard to keep it light and fun. And you know what? For the most part, everyone has fun with it. “

Many targets of Room Rater’s cheerful barbels have taken him as motivation to improve their game, said Bahrey – adjusting backgrounds, adding props and even labeling the Room Rater account to get their attention when ‘they have changed.

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In fact, we had a wife who used our advice to publicly ask her husband if they could get wallpaper now, “she said.

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For those who find themselves doing a video interview – or even just joining a video chat, Bahrey has advice from her experience as the first internet room assessor.

“The angle of the camera is really important because often you get too close or too far and it ruins the picture. Sometimes the lighting is not good, “she said.

I would say the bright colors and plants add a lot to the room. I would say the shelves. Everyone seems to want to be in front of a shelf.

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