Anthea Turner has “no plans” to reorganize the Quick Marriage with Mark Armstrong


Anthea Turner has revealed that she “has no plans” to reorganize her marriage to tycoon Mark Amstrong.

The former Blue Peter presenter was to marry his stepson in Italy in September until the coronavirus lockdown put an end to their romantic vision.

Anthea spoke of chaos when she called Loose Women for her 60th birthday, her first birthday with fiancée Mark, who she had been with for 11 months.

“I’m scared,” said Anthea of ​​the cancellation.

“We have not tried to make plans. This is useless. We have to park, ”she told the panel.

Anthea said she was “very scared” to see her third marriage interrupted

Anthea said that being in detention had given her a new outlook on life where she was not worried about the future or worried about the past.

“I have more air miles behind me than in front of me,” recalls the birthday girl. “I have never appreciated my health so much and I save the moment and I do not always worry.

“All these years and all these TV programs … I never liked it because I was worried,” admitted Anthea.

Before falling for Mark, whom she called “The One,” Anthea had been married to ex-husband Grant Bovey for 13 years before discovering that he had cheated on a woman about half his age.

Her first marriage was to DJ Peter Powell for eight years before their divorce in 1998.

Anthea and Mark met and got engaged in a year

Discussing her milestone birthday, Anthea admitted she feels a little “old” today, although the Loose Women panel insisted that she “look 12 years old”.

“I haven’t been able to frown like that for 20 years,” Anthea joked after admitting that the British lockdown weighed on her beauty regimen as well as her marriage plans.

Anthea went on to say that after learning about being single, she introduced her fiancé Mark via Lizzie Cundy last year.

“I was scared. The dating game is scary. It wasn’t quite a blind date because Lizzie was with us.

Anthea explained how she fell in love with Mark despite her belief that she was a happy bachelor

“We just got along like a house on fire and one thing led to another.”

Responding to criticism that she had gone too fast, Anthea said at her age that she knew exactly what she “didn’t want” and that it was easy to know what would work.

” I am independent. I am not looking for the father of my child. I have a drill, “joked Anthea.

“I’m fine by myself. But now, I’ve just had the joy of sharing breakfast, going on bike rides… “


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