Andre Gray explains what bothers him about Paul Pogba’s claim to Man Utd


Watford forward Andre Gray has defended Paul Pogba following criticism from the Manchester United midfielder this season.

The 27-year-old has suffered injuries since the start of the campaign, making only seven appearances in the Premier League, and continues to be linked to a dislocation from the club.

His inconsistent postings when he was in good shape has led many to speculate that Pogba is not fully committed to United, and some have suggested that the club would be better off without the Frenchman.

Speaking to Threesixtytv, however, Gray insisted that Pogba was a player worth persevering and seemed to subtly target those who did not assess him.

Paul Pogba is a player who shares his opinion with fans and experts

“People are talking about Pogba and it annoys me,” he said. “Every time I have played Pogba, four or five times now, no one can get close to him.

“He might not set the world on fire and score goals in the upper corners. But you cannot get close to the child – it is always somewhere you are not and you cannot understand it. “

“Until you are on the ground with him, you will never understand. From the stands, it’s like “Oh, he just shot him or he just took control” you’re in the middle of the field and in positions there and you have four men around you … I’m telling you now people cannot probe certain people. ”

Andre Gray faced Pogba while playing for Burnley and Watford

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Pogba, with speculation that he may be placed for a large-scale move to Juventus or Real Madrid after the coronavirus pandemic has cooled.

Sky Sports Graeme Souness’ pundit was among Pogba’s biggest detractors, the former Liverpool player said earlier this season that it would be “an absolute game to play against”.


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