American company makes “bumper tables” to separate customers from restaurant during COVID-19


A Maryland company has developed a unique way for people to practice physical distance in restaurants and other events – bumper tables.

As businesses begin to reopen in many U.S. states, Revolution Events, Design and Production has created giant inflatable tubes that are fixed on wheels and designed to help people stay within six feet (1.8 meters) each other in public spaces.

Basically, people drive tables like bumper cars.

“You can move it with your chest,” said Erin Cermak, founder and CEO of Revolution Events. As it happens welcome Carol Off.

“You can have a cocktail in each hand and move this table with just your torso and steer it in any way. “

In this way, she says that people have the freedom to move around without encroaching on each other’s space.

“That’s the idea,” she said. “Just to keep it safe and keep it fun.” “

These inner tube tables are designed to allow restaurant and event customers to practice physical distance while having fun. Video courtesy of Revolution Event Design & Production. 0:12

She says the company has been interested in their product in various restaurants, outdoor cafes, ice cream parlors and even in a major league sports team.

“I think people are just looking for a way to maintain what they have invested in the past two months in, you know, their sort of quarantine status; be safe and locked out, “said Cermak.

“They’re finished, so they want to go out, but they still want to be safe. “

Cermak tested the tubes on the Ashton, Maryland boardwalk while his friend was taking photos. At the end of the day, she says that she had a very different experience inside the table than her friend alone.

“She said,‘ You know, I couldn’t wait to get off this walk. It seemed so dangerous to me and it made me anxious, “said Cermak.

“I really had the complete opposite. I felt very good and it was because no one could accidentally fall into me and no one could come and speak too close to me. It is not possible. So this gives you that great security. . ”

The company says there is a lot of interest in the product. (Courtesy of Revolution Event Design & Production)

She says the company came up with the idea after seeing different hotels present their floor plans on what would be “COVID-OK” in the future.

“It’s like a ballroom with 40 people and four people around a table that is normally at 12,” she said. “While it’s okay and everyone is doing their best to try to be as aware as possible, it’s just not fun. “

She says Revolution Events wanted to design a product that makes people feel safe, but also lets them have fun.

“You just came in and it makes you happy and it’s fun,” she said.

Written by Alexandra Kazia. Interview by Tayo Bero.


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