American CFL reacts to MP Peter Fragiskatos’ comment


After Liberal MP Peter Fragiskatos told Rick Westhead of TSN, it would be “alarming” that potential federal assistance to the Canadian Football League would be used to pay American players living in the United States, a number of American CFLers went on Twitter to respond. to Fragiskatos’ comments.

“It is alarming that he feels that way for American players,” tweeted Mike Reilly, QB of the British Columbia Lions. “I have been paying Canadian taxes for a decade now. I have two daughters with Canadian birth certificates. I have spent hundreds of hours giving back to Canadian communities. Like all CFL players, Canadian and American.

“We American players in the CFL have paid our dues, earned our place in the league and the country,” tweeted SirVincent Rogers. “All that the CFL has to do with us all inclusive. No time for political nonsense! We are a united front with the skin in the game as players. Period. “

“But we Americans still have to pay taxes in Canada, as do Canadians, in some cases more!” Dane Evans, QB of Hamilton Tiger-Cats, tweeted, “Why wouldn’t we be eligible for the same benefits as other CFL taxpayer employees? “

CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie met with the federal government and has asked for up to $ 150 million in financial assistance if the CFL 2020 season is canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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