Amazon worker sacked after being caught by video surveillance urinating on garden fence of “disgusted” customer – The Sun


An AMAZON delivery driver was sacked after being caught urinating on a garden fence.

The video shows the driver of the white Mercedes van stopping to pee after dropping off a package on Thursday, April 30.

    The driver approaches the house with a CCTV package3
The driver approaches the house with a CCTV package

Amazon has confirmed that it had sacked the entrepreneur following the complaint of shocked owner Duncan Spoor.

Duncan, of Telford, West Mids, posted the images on Facebook expressing his disgust.

In the clip, the driver of the pickup can be seen wearing a high visibility vest as he approaches the door with a package.

He places it on the doorstep before heading for the wooden fence.

The man then takes off his pants and seems to urinate.

He looks over his shoulder as he relieves himself before jumping into his van and leaving.

Duncan and his wife Jackie shared the video on social media.

She said that her husband had indeed received notifications on his phone from their video surveillance system while the act took place.

And she added that they have signs warning people that they are in front of the camera in the aisle.

Her husband urged everyone to share the pictures to show “how disgusting this driver is.”

    Before getting back into his van, he stops to relieve himself3
Before getting back into his van, he stops to relieve himself

Duncan wrote on Facebook, “Is this a normal service from Amazon?

“Amazing that your Amazon Delivery driver thinks it’s okay to urinate all the way around my fence and on my drive today 4/30/2020 at 2:57 pm.

“Mercedes Van white. Be interested to hear what the police in Telford and Wrekin have to say. “

Jackie added, “Please be extremely careful when processing your Amazon packages.

“Absolutely disgusted to have to share this video of our Amazon delivery this afternoon.

“Not only did he not have gloves, he hit his soldiers, he could not afford to wash his hands, then he got into his van and left to deliver his next package. “

    The driver then returns to his white Mercedes van to continue his tour3
The driver then returns to his white Mercedes van to continue his tour

Jackie continued, “I know when you have to go, you have to go, but across the street from where it was parked, there is a rest area that has a farm track that leads. He could have done his business there!

“Absolutely furious … I am sorry for the next person who received his package after us.

“With the coronavirus that spreads so easily, after touching its pieces, what else could it spread. I’m afraid to think. “

An Amazon spokesperson said, “This does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery partners.

“The pilot will no longer deliver on behalf of Amazon. “

This comes as Amazon’s stock hit a record high as people count on service during the coronavirus pandemic.

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