Amazon will end $ 2 an hour wage increase in the event of a pandemic


Amazon says it will end pandemic wage incentives for workers at its Canadian warehouses later this month.

Company spokesperson Kelly Cheeseman confirmed on Saturday that the online retail giant would stop paying employees the extra $ 2 an hour and overtime incentives they have been receiving since the start of the business. COVID-19 pandemic.

Amazon’s salary incentives were originally scheduled to end in late April, but the company extended the program in the U.S. and Canada until May 30.

The retail company has been criticized by employees in the United States and Canada for not doing enough to protect workers from COVID-19 and for not providing adequate support to employees who fall ill with the virus.

Canadian software developer Tim Bray announced in May that he had resigned as vice president of Amazon following the dismissal of employees he said were fighting for better COVID-19 protection in the United States. company warehouses.

An employee works at an Amazon warehouse in Brampton, Ontario in November 2018. The salary incentives were originally scheduled to end in April, but the company extended the program until May 30. (Chris Young / The Canadian Press)

Amazon claims to have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on COVID-19 security measures in its warehouses.

“This incentive to appreciation compensation has enabled us to deliver essential items to communities in these unprecedented times,” Cheeseman said in an email. “We are grateful to the associates who support clients during times of increased demand and return to our regular wages and overtime at the end of the month. “


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