Amazon in France is extending the closure and appealing to a French court after refusing to assess the health risks for employees.


The court ruled that if this was not observed, the company would be fined 1 million euros per day per offense. Amazon appealed the decision but lost and chose not to assess the risks to its employees, while choosing to close all warehouses until a solution is found.

In a new press release announcing the prolongation of the closure, Amazon declared: “The penalty, as specified by the court of appeal, obliges us to consider continuing the suspension of activity of our French distribution centers until Wednesday May 13 included. At the same time, we continue to work with our union partners and to assess the best way to manage our distribution centers in light of the court decision. “

Amazon also plans to appeal again to the court, the Court of Cassation.

Meanwhile, the lucky workers who had to stay home will be paid 100% of their salary by Amazon after the government turned down Amazon’s request for state-subsidized temporary unemployment.


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