Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos called to testify before House panel


The Democrats-led judicial commission called Inc. on Friday.

CEO Jeff Bezos will appear before the panel, which has studied the role of the e-commerce giant in the digital market. “On April 23, The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon had used sensitive commercial information from third-party sellers on its platform to develop competing products, contradicting Amazon’s statements to the House Judiciary Committee in sworn testimony written and oral at a hearing in July. January 16, 2019, “said the panel in a statement. In a letter to Bezos, the committee said it expects the CEO to testify based on his investigation and recent public reports. “If the information in the Wall Street Journal article is accurate, then Amazon’s statements to the Committee about the company’s business practices appear to be misleading, and possibly criminally false or misleading,” the report also said. letter.


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