Amateur fighter turns off the tai chi master’s lights in about 30 seconds / Boing Boing


A 69-year-old tai chi master finds himself oblivious on his back, unconscious, after only 30 seconds of competition (the action begins about 2 minutes after the start of the video). His youngest opponent, a former martial arts trainer and amateur fighter, looks a little confused when he sees the master lying motionless on the ground. This embarrassing knockout could be what the master deserved.

According to the South China Morning Post, it was a “moment of” kung madness “. “Ma made a name for himself on social media when he was promoting what many observers called” kung fu fakery “. »»

Ma made a name for herself on social media by promoting what many observers called “kung fu fakery”. And not long ago, he caused a stir by teasing Zhang Weili, the “stupid” continental UFC straw champion, and even challenged her.

Many observers questioned Ma’s abilities and “circulating fake kung fu” with MMA fighter “Mad Dog” Xu Xiaodong last year calling tai chi “grand master” of fraud while swearing to the truth. ‘expose the’ fake ‘martial arts.

Carla sinclair

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